Summer Volleyball 2010





These rules are not to be considered all inclusive. Changes, additions or interpretation by the Referees or Badger Bowl Employees is permitted at any time.

1. Co-ed Recreational (Rec.) and Intermediate (Int.) Leagues are 18 weeks in length beginning April 26th, 2010.

2. All leagues are co-ed. A team consists of 6 players (12 max. on roster). If less than 6 players, then 2 of each sex must be on a team. If a team has less than 4 players the entire match is a forfeit.


3. All players must be 21 years old. Spectators under 21 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian. All players, coaches and spectators must be in possession of proof of age or guardianship at every game.

4. There is a $50.00 penalty for withdrawing from a league after April 8th. This penalty is assessed to compensate Badger Bowl for the difficulty of rescheduling a league. No refunds for any team withdrawing after April 12th.

5. If you do not supply a team name before April 8th, one will be assigned to you. No team name changes will be accepted after April 8th.

6. All team captains must complete the front and back of the green team registration card.

7. All players must have a blue registration card on file. Teams playing with unregistered players will forfeit all games in which those players participated. Badger Bowl will not allow a player to participate without signing a registration card. Players may be added at any time (except during playoffs/championship matches) as long as the player’s card has been filled out completely and placed on file. If a player quits, the captain of the team must update the team registration card.

8. You may play on more than one team as long as they are not in the same league. A blue registration card must be filled out and placed on file for each team.

9. An intermediate player may substitute on a recreational team, only if that team is in danger of forfeiting. They may not substitute in position rounds or championship matches. A player may substitute for another team in the same league, if and only if the opposing team captain agrees and will avoid that teams forfeit. Teams cannot add players from the same league to their team if they already meet the minimum of 4 players ( 2 of each sex ) to begin a match. Upon team captains agreement all scores are final.

10. Each match is played on the hour, (8 team league) with 50 minutes allotted for each match. A reasonable effort will be made in order to finish each match. In a 10 team league, matches will be scheduled every 45 minutes. (Please have your teams ready to play on scheduled starting times even if matches may play past those starting times. A five minute warm up period will be made available if possible. The referee has the authority to shorten this time. After teams have finished their match, they must clear the court for the next match.

11. If the minimum number of players (4), have not appeared within 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, the first game will be forfeited. If they still have not appeared within 10 minutes of the start time, the entire match will be forfeited. The clock in the bar will keep the official time.

12. Weather cancellations will only be called by Badger Bowl. If it rains before 5pm, please check Our Website. If information is not available then ONLY the team captains should call to find out if the match is cancelled. If it rains after 5pm, the referees will make any decisions regarding game cancellation. A cancellation e-mail to captains may be sent out if time allows, but please check our website first. If a game is cancelled during play, due to weather, the team that is ahead at the time will win the game point, unless a rescheduled time can be arranged and ok’d by all 3 parties (both team captains and the Badger Bowl league coordinator.

13. Matches that are cancelled may not be rescheduled. Badger Bowl will make the final determination about any rescheduling of canceled matches. If canceled games or matches are rescheduled they will be on the same league night at 10pm. or by other means.


14. A referee will be assigned to each match. In the event there are no referees available for your match, the team captains will be required to keep track of and report scores.

15. The referee will hold a coin toss with the captains of both teams to determine serve or receive and/or side of play. Teams will change serve and side after every game. A match may start before scheduled time if both team captains agree.

16. If the sun, wind, wet sand or lighting affects playing conditions, the referee may impose the "Sun Rule". The Sun Rule: During the 3rd game the teams will switch sides as soon as one team scores 11 points.

17. A match consists of three games. Rally scoring to 21 points, (Must win by 2 points) with a scoring cap of 23 points.

18. At the completion of the match, captains must verify the accuracy of the scores and sign the score sheet.

19. League champions are determined by most games won, not matches. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the results of the tied team’s records against each other. (Also applies for 1st. and 2nd. round ties). . In case of a championship tie, the winner will be determined by the total games won during the whole season.


20. The referee will not tolerate any abuse. Badger Bowl will support the referee's judgment.

21. All team captains will be required to know the rules of the game and abide by them. The captain is responsible for the proper conduct of their team. In the case of a dispute, the team captain will be the person to talk to the referee. No other persons shall discuss the dispute with the referee unless specifically requested by the referee.

22. Any unsportsmanlike-like conduct, tactics, profanity or derogatory remarks may result in eviction from the game and premises. Flagrant or continuous violations may result in suspension or elimination from play for the remainder of the season. The referee has the power to declare side out or point for any unsportsmanlike-like conduct during the match. The referee may impose these penalties with no warning.

23. Teams which forfeit more than three times during the season may be dropped from the league without warning and without refund of fees. If a team must forfeit on the day of the match please notify Badger Bowl at 274-6662 as soon as possible. If a team must forfeit prior to the day of the game, please notify Bob Parisi at, so we may contact the opposing team(s). This is very important with showing respect for the other team.


24. Team captains are responsible to have players cards filled out and on file for any person playing on the team. Teams who allow individual(s) to participate without a players card, will be subject to forfeiture of those games.

25. Anyone not participating in a match (spectators, children, etc.) must remain off of the sand for safety reasons.

26. Sorry, but for the safety of our patrons NO PETS will be allowed within the fenced in volleyball area.


27. Each team is allowed one time-out per game. This time out is limited to one minute in length. Injury time-outs do not count against the team. The referee calls all injury time outs.


28. Overhand serving is not permitted in Recreational League. However, if both captains agree to it, overhead and underhand serving may be used.


29. NO blocking or attacking is allowed on the serve. Overhead sets will be allowed on the serve.

30. A player may not serve until the referee blows the whistle. Teams will be given one warning per match for violating this rule. After that, it is a side out. You must serve within 5 seconds of the referee's whistle. The serve may take place anywhere behind the end line as long as it is  between the side lines.

31. NO underhand palm hits are allowed. Palm hits are defined as a “slapping” sound being made by the open hand. The referee will call illegal hits or carries. All rule interpretations are the referee's decision.

32. In outdoor volleyball, there is no center line. A foot fault only occurs when you physically interfere with the opposing team's play or pass completely under the net.

33. Spiking is allowed in both Recreational and Intermediate League games. Although in respect to Recreational league safety, the un-necessary Aggression Rule applies. This states that a person who spikes the ball with excessive force will be subject to a first time warning, a second time point and serve awarded to opposing team and a third time resulting in an ejection from the game and match.

34. Ball contacting any part of the body is considered a legal hit. Although a kicking motion of foot or leg is illegal.

35. A double hit, on hard driven spikes is legal if the hits are a result of one receiving motion.

36. Players may not break the plane of the net to block or spike unless the ball is being advanced over the net. Third hits are considered advancements of the ball. Offensive players may not contact a ball which has completely crossed the plane of the opposing team’s side. A ball which is not completely on either side of the plane of the net is fair game for either team to hit.

37. Contact with the net or any part of it, including the net cables, poles or referee stands, while the ball is in play, is prohibited. Exceptions: contact by a player's hair or the force of the ball by an opponent pushes the net or it's supports into the player.

38. Let serves are allowed and will count as a point.

39. Teams may rotate in new players (male for male and female for female). The team captain must inform the referee, prior to the game, where the players will rotate in during the game and players rotating in must rotate in to the same place each time without excessive delay! Excessive delays may result in a point given to the opposing team (at referee’s discretion).

40. Teams may substitute players in their line up. The lineup must have the sexes alternating (m-f-m-f). Substitutes must be made from players on the team roster. Once a player substitutes into a position for a player, that is the only position he/she is allowed to substitute in and out of during the game. A time-out, side out, or point may be assessed if the referee feels that a team is delaying the game through excessive substitutions. The referee may assess the penalty without warning.


41. The grace period between games shall not exceed 5 minutes.

42. Badger Bowl reserves the right to move teams from Recreational to Intermediate or Intermediate to Recreational on the same night at the end of the 1st. round in order to better balance league play.

43. Teams or players who do not abide by these rules or other policies established by Badger Bowl may be dropped at any time, with or without prior notice. No refund of fees will be made.


44. All players, spectators and coaches are expected to cooperate with the efforts of the referees and staff of Badger Bowl in their efforts to maintain order. Failure to cooperate will result in ejection from the playing area and/or expulsion from the league.

45. All players, spectators and coaches are expected to cooperate with the efforts of the referees and staff of Badger Bowl in their efforts to maintain order. Failure to cooperate will result in ejection from the playing area and/or expulsion from the league.

46. Absolutely no carry-ins of any type is permitted without PRIOR authorization from Badger Bowl's Management. Carry-ins will be confiscated and the person who carried in may be ejected from the playing area.

47. No food or pitchers will be permitted in any area covered by sand. Food and pitchers are only permitted on the paved area at the picnic tables. No beverages will be allowed on the court at any time. There are cup holders underneath the Referee trees to hold cups during the game. The sand courts are not to be used as an ashtray. Failure to comply with these rules can result in ejection from the game and playing area.

48. Badger Bowl does not have a carry-out license. As such, no beverages of any type may leave the playing area. Persons who do so are in violation of the law and will be ejected from the premises and the league.

49. THE BOTTOM LINE: Volleyball is a “game”.  Have fun! Realize that you are playing a game and we are operating a business. We thank you in advance for your business and cooperation.