Summer League 2018 > Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR

ALL MUFA GAMES CANCELLED FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 21ST - The city has closed all fields due to rain.

Do not park in the extra long boat trailer parking stalls at Olbrich or Olin. The city scolds us when you do that. Also, you'll get a nice parking ticket.

Beer cards: Available at the Great Dane Downtown

Team color list:

To edit your team's information or designate different captain(s), the current captain can log in and select new or additional captains using the checkboxes next to the roster list, or click Edit this Team to ..edit this team. Please limit the number of captains per team to 3 if possible. 

Official Subs: To sign up as a sub, log in to your mufa account. There will be a link at the top of your home page. Each team can have two subs. Once your team chosen two subs, you can't replace them. If you feel an exception is warranted, contact the league directors. Subs will still need opposing captain's permission during playoffs. Ringers can only be subs for other ringers. You can use Official Subs without opponent's permission until you have 5 players of each gender. Any MUFA player that is paid and on another summer roster may sub on other teams (without being an Official sub) with permission of the opponent.


How to register

1. Click on the "Register" button on the bottom of the page below.

2. It will prompt you to log in or create a new account and then it will take you to the registration page.

3. NEW THIS YEAR: If you are a captain then click on the link to create a team at the top of the registration page first. Then come back to the registration page (under the "info" tab) to begin. The link to cretea a team can also be found on the teams page after you log in.

4. All players must select their team from the dropdown list and enter in the correct team password set up by your captain.

5. After you have entered in your registration information and submitted the information, you will have the option to pay online through Paypal. You can always log into your account again later if you don't wish to make a payment now.

6. If you will be under 18 on June 4, 2018 you need to fill out and turn in a youth waiver.


Jerseys for Summer League 2018

Unfortunately, the jerseys we have been ordering for most of the league for the past several years have been discontinued. This year, the standard jersey will be the Ultraclub brand jersey, which several teams ordered last year. There is a DIFFERENT jersey offered by Sport Tek that we’d like to order for a few teams as a trial. The sizing for all of these jerseys are very similar to the jerseys we ordered last year.

Here are the color and spec sheets for all available jerseys for 2018:

Ultra Club women’s 8420L


Ultra Club men’s 8420  


Sport-Tek women’s LST350


Sport-Tek men’s ST350


Note that we have not tried this new Sport Tek jersey before, so make sure your team checks out the spec sheets. Also, there may be holes in their inventory so you are not guaranteed the color you choose. The first 5 teams per league to choose a given color will get that color, if possible.

Please select which jersey option your team would like:

1.       Ultraclub (random color)

2.       Ultraclub Helconia Pink

3.       Ultraclub Azelia Pink

4.      Sport Tek  Lime Shock

5.      Sport Tek  . Atomic Blue

6.      Sport Tek  Purple

7.      Sport Tek  . Sea Frost

8.      Sport Tek  Vegas Gold



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