Goaltimate Spring 2012

Goaltimate Spring 2012




In order to register for this league to need to create a MUFA account. Clicking on the "register" link at the bottom of the page will prompt you to create an account or else log in to your existing account if you've played in our leagues before.

When you come back later, you can log in from the main page to check whether your payment was processed, verify that your information is correct, see if your baggage is registered correctly, and correct any errors in your registration.

The entry fee is $25. You are not signed up for Goaltimate unless you have both registered and paid.

Junior Waivers

Players under 18 must fill out and turn in a Junior Waiver Form.

Skill Level Descriptions

Please select the skill rating that best describes you. If you feel you fall between skill ratings, you can use halves.

Skill Level 1

  • Rank beginner
  • Little or no league experience/little or no pickup experience
  • Slow or average runner/not much endurance
  • Limited throwing skills/backhand only/no forehand

Skill Level 2

  • Still learning all the rules
  • A year of pickup or league experience OR played a little many years ago
  • Slow runner/not much endurance/average catching skills OR average runner/inconsistent catching and throwing


  • Rank beginner, but really fast with excellent endurance and am willing to be taught disc skills

Skill Level 3

  • A couple years of league experience/pickup
  • Consistent backhand/shaky forehand, but it's getting there/average endurance and speed/average catching ability


  • Consistent backhand and forehand/below average speed and endurance/good catching ability

Skill Level 4

  • Several years of league experience
  • Good consistent backhand and forehand/ average speed and endurance/good catching ability/maybe tend to handle


  • Reliable backhand/forehand needs work/above average speed and endurance/good catching skills/usually don't handle

Skill Level 5

  • Several years of league experience
  • Very good throwing skills/average speed and endurance/tend to handle/good catching ability/a good handler


  • Consistent throwing/very good speed and endurance/can catch almost anything/tend to be the one to burn you deep in the end zone

Skill Level 6

  • Ringer, and a good one at that
  • A lot of experience
  • Handler for a good club/college team or high level league team


  • Player for a high level team that has excellent speed and endurance, will layout and catch that impossible hammer in the end zone